Step by step approach that teaches you how to complete your crossdressing and how to take it to the next level.
(Easily Done Without Surgery or Hormones)
Skincare and makeup articles
  • 1.The importance of skincare
  • 2.Characteristics of oily skin
  • 3.Daily skin care steps for oily skin
  • 4.How to protect oily skin
  • 5.Skincare for dry skin
  • 6.Skincare for other skin types
Shaping the female figures
  • 1.Men and Women body difference(Part 1)
  • 2.Men and Women body difference(Part 2)
  • 3.Live demonstration of using makeup to shape the breasts
  • 4.Chest stickers to shape chest demonstration
  • 5.How to wear breast implants live demonstration
  • 6.How to shape a woman’s buttocks?
Women’s wear
  • 1.How to choose the right underwear size
  • 2.How to choose the right underwear shape
  • 3.How to choose the right underwear style
  • 4.The role of women’s bra
  • 5.Breast forms and bras selection
  • 6.How to choose the thickness of Silk stockings
Feminine Posture
  • 1.Demonstration of the rightful female posture
  • 2.Skills to improve wrong posture demonstration
  • 3.Daily female sitting postures demonstration
  • 4.Several elegant female sitting postures demonstration
  • 5.Female walking posture – hand movements demonstration
  • 6.Female walking posture – foot movements demonstration